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Our Incredible  Partners

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Vermont Be True is offering sliding scale and scholarship services for yoga, alternative holistic healing, mental health/addiction counseling, retreats and access to the Vermont Be True Yoga Festival to at need and under-privileged populations.  Our financial supports come from grants, donors, and fundraising events; such as the Vermont Be True Yoga Festival

"Building a Wellness Community"

​A Vermont Retreat. Sanctuary for all beings. Stay, learn, heal and celebrate community, love, wellness and health

Milldale Farm provides a variety of holistic wellness services, offering Mental Health & Addiction counseling, Life Coaching, Bodywork, Yoga & More.

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Learning to Love Your Own Lunar Rhythms

My hope is to help encourage a gentle but profound way of tapping into your monthly cycle through both the physical and energetic experiences of the moon phases, creating a radically more positive relationship to your body. All of this is possible through learning to harness the strengths and magic of each phase in your cycle.

You Are Not Alone

WISE leads the Upper Valley to end gender-based violence through survivor-centered advocacy, prevention, education and mobilization for social change.

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