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Who is Alden?

Alden is a non-binary, sparkle loving human who is continually changin, growing and learning about themsleves. They believe the joy of being human comes from making mistakes, growing from struggle and finding genuine people to support you thourgh life


They love to celebrate the small things and laugh as much as possible. Working with Rebels of the Moon has been  life changing for Alden.  The youth of today are leaders for all of us. Those in the queer community are leading the way and showing us how to explore, examine and honor all parts of who we are.

"I am honored to meet every Rebel that crosses my path."

Alden has a background and degree in Nueroscience, Nature & Agriculture Therapy, Hatha Yoga, Lomi Massage, Ha Breathe Work, Wilderness Emergency Medicine and Doula. Each training bring them closer to finding ways to support belogning and radical self-love in this wild world.

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