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Proud to Partner with Safe spAces

Safe Spaces seeks to create space for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) and Aspiring White Allies to connect, learn, and heal as we fight for our collective liberation. Safe Spaces will strengthen individuals, communities, as well as institutions, businesses and agencies through creating partnerships with other established racial justice organizations to provide guidance, resources, and physical and figurative space to work through Systematic, Systemic, and Institutional prejudice and racism. Together, we will address implicit and explicit bias, beliefs, and actions in order to dismantle white supremacy and build stronger communities 

In collaboration with Safe Spaces non-profit, Rebels of the Moon is offering a social justice and wellness retreat. Join us for camping, yoga and meaningful conversation on a gorgeous Vermont Farm.


We will be exploring racism and diving deep into the hard and necessary conversations about the society we live and breath. 


This is an incredible opportunity to meet and get inspired by a community of people who are fighting for a better future.  If you have been looking for a community that is doing the hard work while creating a supportive learning environment then this weekend is for you.


If you have wellness practices you would like to share please let me know and we will add you into the schedule!


Sliding Scale Payment 

Total cost for the Land is $700 for the Land. This money goes to Vermont Be True and Milldale Center for Wellness, two incredible local non-profits.

Any profit made by this retreat will be split to support the growth and missions of Safe Spaces and Rebels of the Moon

full assistance 

If money is tight pay what you can be that $25, $5 or $1

Your presence is more valuable than your money 

part assistance 

If you can pay up to $50.00 to help us cover paying for the land we would be grateful for what you feel comfortable offering.

no assistance 

If you are financially stable our standard cost to support the efforts of our non-profits is  $100.00

spreading the love &wealth

If you are doing well financially and feel connected, empowered or energized  our mission help us grow by paying  $150.00 or more!

Rebels of the Moon is always looking to partner and collaborate  please email if interested:

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