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Summer Camps, holistic Doula care & Resilience Coaching 

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You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be valued.            

 To be a rebel means no longer accepting the oppressive systems and structures that were forced upon us at birth. Being a rebel means finding your voice and speaking up when the world tells you to stay quiet. Being a rebel means knowing you are worthy and whole when the world tells you that you are never enough. Rebels are introspective and  willing to challenge the culture and beliefs embedded in us.

    To be of the Moon is to step into the divine feminine. Respecting that nature works in cycles, traveling from light to dark with fluidity and grace. Honoring Mother Earth and the lessons she teaches us. Knowing that to be vulnerable is to be powerful. When we honor the moon we find unity within.

Rebels of the Moon


Our Mission

To foster radical self-love through connections to nature, body, and community.


Rebels of the Moon are here to reflect back the bright light that shines from within.


You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be valued.




Teen Camps 

Welcoming youth to find their voice, community and radical self-love through exploring their seven chakra energy systems while immersed in the comforts of nature.


Adult Retreats

Adult retreats allow space to explore radical self-love through connections with nature, body, spirit and community.


Three Women

Resilience Coaching 

Work with the chakras, embodiment techniques, breathe work and self reflection to build internal resilience and empowerment

“It did my heart good to see our daughter embrace every aspect Rebels of the Moon offered. My wife and I have tried many different camp experiences over the years, with no real success, this was absolutely not the case last week. It seemed to energize and engage her. You need to understand that this experience basically saved our daughter's summer in many different ways. Keep doing what you're doing. You are making a difference.”

-Rebel Parent

“Our daughter had an amazing time with the camp. It was so inspiring and wonderful to connect with her a little deeper and watch her develop her higher-goddess-self.”


- Rebel Parent 

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