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Resilience  Coaching

You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be valued.            

Meet a coaching style that adapts to your child. Seeing them as a whole, complex and wonderous self.

Our goal is to empower youth through tools of resilience and self awareness. We work to create a world where each child is honored for their strenghts and encouraged to learn and grow from their weaknesses.

Together we will work with the individual and their family using the Wise Framework ® by Ellen Tadd. This framework will build wholistic support and encouragement for your childs journey toward loving every part of themself.

The FrameWork®

Find out about the 7 main centers of focus we use to build tools of empowerment and reslience.


+Online coaching

+In person coaching

+Nature and Play Based Experiences

Who I Am

Alden has studied and trained in nueroscience, trauma sensitive Yoga, massage and Breathwork as well as Wise Framework Practicioner training I & II  


Find links to inspiration on your radical self-love journey. Books, videos and links to influential activists and learnign opportunities.

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